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01/01/2021 - 31/12/2021
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Over recent years, the Social Club has experienced considerable avoidable costs from members booking but not attending functions.  We hope you agree this considerable waste of funds could be better spent on providing more and/or enhanced  Club activities/functions.  Obviously, non-attendance due to illness etc. will be given ‘special’ consideration.  However, to avoid this unnecessary cost the following will apply to future Club offerings/bookings:

  1. If you register for an event and can no longer attend, please find a member to take your place.  Should this not be possible then please contact the event coordinator as soon as possible. The event coordinator’s details is usually on each event flyer.
  2. Cancellations (by email with supporting reasons) need to be provided to the event coordinator at least 3 working days prior to the event to help the Social Club avoid the cost of your booking (if possible).  If 3 working days notice is not provided (and the situation is not a ‘special’ case) then the Optima Social Club reserves the right to request full reimbursement of the cost involved (e.g. the per person cost of the event).  Cancellations will also result in forfeiture of your event booking fee unless a member takes your place and pays the fee.

The Social Club trusts this arrangement will be supported in the spirit of ensuring that Club funds are fully utilised to maximise the benefit to members.

To request for the Optima Social Club Bar to be operated outside of regular hours please see Special Request for Optima Social Club Bar Opening and Event Collaboration.